Citronen C1 Small and comfortable like a real City Car
Citroen C1 5 doors (or similar)
Large bag


Exterior colormetallic gray


Interior colordark





The Citroen C1 is an ideal city car, its main asset is its handling and its ability to carry four people in spite of its main competitor, the Smart. The engine is low in consumption, quiet and silent with very few vibrations. When used in the city, the ease of finding parking is really appreciated, given its small size (length about 3.46 meters).

The front is truly personal, with the oval headlights surmounted by the other lights that look like thin eyebrows, and the small grille with chrome inserts. The side view is more classic, but always pleasant and balanced, with rather small windows, two large lightening ribs and rounded shapes; as in the past, the tailgate is entirely made of glass, flanked by two large lights.

Perfect for the city with its small size and its 4 comfortable seats. Small and comfortable like a real City Car.

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Free cancellation
Zero credit card fees
Theft / fire insurance
Ordinary maintenance
Extraordinary maintenance
€45.00 / day
Additional options:
Home delivery (in the GRA):

Important information


The deductible per accident is 1000€ ie The deductible for car theft is 2000.00€ ie 


As a guarantee, a security deposit amount is charged to the means of payment starting from 500 euros and based on the class of the rented vehicle.


The rental includes 100 km per day. 

Age requirements

The minimum age and possession of a driving license are governed by regulations applicable to the relevant vehicle and are disclosed in the booking process. In principle, the minimum age for any driver is 21 years (having a driving license for at least 1 year).

The minimum age requirement may differ depending on the vehicle.

There is an additional cost for drivers under 25 years of age.

Rent a car

Passport or identity card is required. 

Drivers must show an international driving license or a sworn translation into the language of the country of rental if:

  • Their driving license was issued in Europe and they are renting out of Europe.

  • Their driver's license was issued in a non-Latin alphabet, such as Arabic, Chinese, Greek, Russian, Hebrew, or Japanese (and other languages with a non-Latin alphabet).

  • In any case, upon rental, non-European citizens are required to declare that they have valid driving permits.

Drivers are required to inform themselves about the legislation in force in the country in which they intend to drive.

Drivers must bring their previous driving licenses or a letter from the competent authority certifying that they have the driving license for the minimum period if their current license does not indicate the full period.

Terms of payment

The Customer is required to present the credit card in the name of the person renting the vehicle. 

The name on the payment card (s) must be the same as on the main driver's license.

Cash and debit cards are not accepted. 


Insurance coverage

Civil liability

The rental vehicle protection includes civil liability protection with a maximum coverage for personal injury in the amount of € 10 million and property damage in the amount of € 2.5 million.

The use of vehicles for the transport of dangerous goods is excluded from the insurance. Any protection agreed under the rental agreement lapses, in particular, if an unauthorized driver uses the vehicle or if the driver of the vehicle, at the time of the accident, does not have a compulsory driving license.

Kasko damage

The “kasko” damage protection package limits part of the liability charged in case of damage.

If the renter chooses Kasko protection, he responds, depending on the vehicle, with a deductible that can vary between EUR 1,000.00 ie up to EUR 2,000.00 ie. There is the possibility of reducing and/or eliminating this deductible.

In the event of damage caused intentionally or through gross negligence, the agreed right to damage protection will be reduced or eliminated.

If no damage protection is agreed, the renter is liable for all damage to the car that is not unequivocally attributable to third parties, and is liable for the full value of the car itself.

Breakdown assistance

Includes 20% tax